One Voice One Community believes that Art is extremely important for for developing creative expression.  The Arts is a unique opportunity for people to express themselves outside of the day to day manner.  The Arts allow people to foster healthy mechanisms  and positive risk taking for expressing themselves and emotions.  We offer various Arts and craft projects throughout the year.

S.P.A.R.K. (Supplemental Parenting for At Risk Kids)

 We are dedicated to serving our citizens in a variety of ways. The cornerstone of teach is the SPARK (Supplemental Parenting for At Risk Kids) program. SPARK is a comprehensive model for after-school programming and services for at risk youth. O.V.O.C. believes that all children are at risk without mentoring.  The SPARK model will ideally be emulated by other rural/city communities.

SPARK wants to augment the education, guidance, and nourishment of kids on behalf of the community. SPARK does not intend to replace parents, but to supplement and mediate year-round between home and school to secure the education and socialization of its children. Our program will prepare and teach them to lead stable, self-sustaining, productive lives.  They will learn how to develop a moral compass, and to become personally responsible citizens.

S.P.A.R.K. has four main areas of focus: Arts, Athletics, Education, and the Outdoors.

 S.P.A.R.K. has an additional component that sets our programming apart from traditional programming.  S.P.A.R.K. institutes the Learn & Earn program.  The Learn and Earn program is a unique component of teaching real life financial skills and responsibility through a mock financial model.

One Voice One Community bases its Learn and Earn programming initiative for k-12 on an hourly wage system. Virtual work-hours will start at minimum wage for regular programs, while work completed outside of the children’s regular program may bring a “higher” pay rate.  Potential also exists to receive quarterly bonuses. Thus, the Learn & Earn program mirrors real life work experience.  It will generate mock paychecks and even issue virtual credit and loans.  All of which is designed to teach children real-world financial responsibility, work ethics, and team building—all under a body of operating rules and standards. 

 Participants in One Voice One Community programs must earn the various benefits provided to them.  One Voice One Community maintains numerous programs at no charge or at discounted pricing simply to help meet expenses. Participants in these programs need to understand, however, that money is needed to maintain them and that numerous man hours and resources are needed to make them happen. Young clients need taught skills to learn that wages and responsibility are necessary for a better life and to become self-sustaining adults.  

The Learn and Earn program is extremely important.  It teaches our youth how to prepare for real world, adult living situations.  This program prepares them to obtain jobs, find independent housing, how to secure loans, establish credit, and to live within their means.  It also teaches them the value of hard work and demonstrates that through hard work that anything is obtainable with dedication.

Motive For Implementation  

 It is not unusual or rare to meet a smart, kind, and well-adjust child from a troubled home in Fayette County. The United States Census Bureau reported 18.7% of Fayette County residents are living in poverty. Of that 18.7%, 19.1% of Fayette County residents living in poverty are below the age of 18. This means nearly 1/5 of those living in poverty in Fayette County are children and adolescents.

As a concerned resident and high school basketball coach living in Fayette County, I vividly see first-hand the kind of turmoil our students bear witness to on a daily basis. Drugs, violence, poverty, and mental illness are just a few of the tumultuous obstacles our youth living in Fayette County face as a result of a broken system. My heart aches for those who are young and full of life, yet have their life cut too short due to a society that doesn’t have the resources to effectively support them.

I, Aaron Zolbrod, in partnership with Terry Vassar, dedicated citizens of Fayette County, and the support of the Commissioners, have crafted a vision for a better Fayette County.  

What is S.P.A.R.K?



Donors & Partners

Mission Statement:

 As a 501-c3 Organization, the mission of One Voice One Community is to provide a sustainable network of support for human-service organizations, in an effort to disseminate and promote usage, accessibility, resource-sharing, and opportunity to the citizens of Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

Vision Statement:
​ At One Voice One Community, we believe people are a city’s greatest asset. Fayette County provides an environment for true connection to place, self, and others. As such, we work to form an interconnected net of resources to learn from our history, create legacy, and build a better community for future generations.  

Long Range Plans:

​ Goal #1: Create a shared, open, and accessible strategic network of human-service organizations and professionals.

Goal #2: Identify resource gaps via interoperable and standardized data on social needs, and on the conditions in which Fayette County citizens live, learn, work, and play.

Goal #3: Create an inclusive and comprehensive plan for addressing gaps in social-services, inclusive of welfare, self-sufficiency, and equity.

Goal #4: Provide a hub for resource and service accessibility, dissemination, and delivery.

Goal #5: Execute Project L.O.V.E (Lets Overcome Violence Everywhere), a community-centric mentality to care for our youth via financial and service-oriented support.

In direct alignment with the needs of Fayette County, we are hopeful you will join us in this vital community endeavor. Our youth, and their lives depend on it.  


 As a 501-c3 Organization, the mission of One Voice One Community is to provide a sustainable network of support for human-service organizations, in an effort to disseminate and promote usage, accessibility, resource-sharing, and opportunity to the citizens of Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  
One Voice One Community knows the importance of education.  Education is the best tool for freedom.  The freedom that education brings is through the power of change.  The more educated a person becomes the greater their power becomes for endless opportunities.  We offer an afterschool program that acts as an secondary learning tool to strengthen the minds of our youth!


Come have fun and stay active with our bastball league. Click the button below to sign up, or call Ed at (724) 934-8220
One Voice One Community understands the importance of having basic skills to navigate life in nature.  Outdoor activities improve both physical and mental health.  We know that spending time in nature and engaging in outdoor activities has declined over the last decade.  Our outdoor activities and programming are designed to improve the health of our participants, teach them independence, team building and leadership skills, and to develop a love of their natural surroundings.
One Voice One Community understands the importance of sports for youth development.  Sports is a rite of passage for many children, enabling them to learn physical and social skills on the playing field.  Sports help children develop physical skills, get exercise, make friends, have fun, learn teamwork, learn to play fair, and improve self-esteem, and build character.  We currently have our TEACH Summer Basketball League.  We also offer recreation and pick-up games throughout the year.



One Voice One Community  believes in partnerships and showing gratitude.  We work with  organizations that share in our mission and vision.  

We are extremely grateful to our donors, volunteers, employees, and citizens.  We would not be able to accomplish our mission without all of the wonderful support.  Thank you.

Listed below are our partnerships and donors:

The Health Insurance Store | 180 Degrees Empowerment| Forensics 4 Justice | Euler Tech Services |

WMBS Radio Uniontown| Dilworth Financial| Fox's Tavern| Tipsy Pig| Bud Murphy's| Fiesta's Insurance| The Paint Guy LLC| Crash Connection Shop| Service Master| Berkshire Hathaway Home Services|

Greg Gray with Jim Shorkey Auto Group|  G4 Cutz LLC